Gus and Keir: Top of Their Game

Edinburgh's own professional idiots Keir McAllister and Gus Lymburn combine their extraordinary lack of awareness and hugely dubious talent. The show will prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, why it was a huge mistake for anyone ever to have given them the least bit of encouragement, let alone a comedy award each. If you're looking for a show with a moral compass - find your own! These guys sold theirs on preview night for a small amount of ketamine and a rickshaw ride to the casino.

A celebration of two comedians at the top of their game - just a pity no one can work out what the fuck they're playing at. Warning Please note: This show contains no heart-warming tales about dead relative, no brave transformations of gender, no redemptive accounts of sobriety, no articulate arguments why God is dead, or anecdotes about life changing encounters with a monk while travelling around fucking Goa. It will however be very, very funny.

5-28 August
Beehive 2